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 Proper sourcing is the key to success in imports from Bangladesh. In order to execute a purchase order foryou, it is vital to select the prime vendor who would fulfill your needs. The ability of a factory to produce your product at a given price is of great importance.

Our merchandising staff is of the finest corporate level in Bangladesh. Our prime priority is customer satisfaction. The following functions are just a brief outline of the role of our merchandisers:


Develop new resources and products Appraise vendors of buyers’requirements, Effective costing and price negotiations, Communications with
buyer on a daily basis counter checking on product quality, Weekly reports for customers, highlighting production status, shipping information, sample status and other customized reports for customers.


We provide sourcing / buying servicesfor Apparel of Knit, Woven, Sweates items and Home Textile, BrandManufacturers and wholesalers through out the world who are looking for OffshoreProduction of sourcing of Home Furnishings, Apparels both sweaters, Knit andWoven, Accessories and etc. as per their design and specifications. We would welcome you or your staff members to visit us in Dhaka and see first-hand the strengths and scope of our organization.